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We understand your constant pursuit of knowledge, and are glad to provide you with the latest information and knowledge about different aspects in financial planning. We are dedicated to promote the financial planning concepts of wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth succession, aiming to help you in opening the doors to the most effective financial planning! We make it our goal to:

  • enhance clients’ awareness on financial planning and investment risks, and;
  • educate clients on more wealth accumulation tools, and;
  • provide clients with the most effective financial planning concepts, and;
  • help clients in achieving the best quality of living.

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“Harvest Newsletter” is produced by Harvest Consulting Co., Limited. It provides different aspects of quality information including wealth management, legal, finance, health and lifestyle that are aligned with our customers’ needs. Prior to the download area, please complete the following questionnaire. Your contributions enable us to address your expectation and concerns during our preparation of next issue.

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