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As our stage of life, social culture and living circumstances change, we are faced with different financial goals, different income situations and different risk appetites. Harvest Consulting understands your requirement in quality of life, both materially and spiritually, could change with these circumstances. This is also our consideration as we help you achieve your financial goals in different life stages.

We all have different financial planning needs in different life stages. People need to articulate their goals through different financial planning strategies that address their needs at different stage of their life cycles. Harvest Consulting offers a wide range of services that can address your different personal needs as you make financial plans. The team at Harvest Consulting can surely help you! The scope of services offered by Harvest Consulting includes:

  • Design of a Family Trust
  • Harmonious corporate succession planning
  • Distribution strategy for retirement
  • Recommendations and analysis on investment and financial arrangement
  • Planning for transfer of family wealth
  • Taxation advices for multinationals
  • Shareholders' agreement and keyman protection planning

Want to know how Harvest Consulting tailors your very own asset planning?

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