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Harvest Consulting Co. Limited is a financial planning consultancy with a consulting platform comprising of industrial experts from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, the US and Canada. Our expert team consists of legal, taxation, trust, retirement planning and investment specialists. Harvest Consulting is independent of banking, insurance, securities or trust institutes. Instead of purely offering financial products, we aim at providing our clients with objective, professional and all-rounded solutions, with clients’ interests always in the first place.

The advisory team at Harvest Consulting has over 15 years of professional experience in financial planning and has helped over 3,000 clients. We are devoted to promote the idea of professional financial planning services as our contribution to the establishment of a harmonious society. Harvest Consulting continually seeks to update itself with the latest market landscape and knowledge, believing that we could only provide different clients with the best and the most personalized recommendation in financial planning through seizing the most critical moments and through having more professional knowledge.

Our vision

Harvest Consulting has a vision to become a leading brand in the local financial planning consultation sector. Harvest Consulting does not only develop the most all-rounded, the most reliable and the most professional financial planning platform, but also helps tens of thousands of families to achieve financial freedom through applying our mature financial management experience and a wealth of professional knowledge on personal and corporate wealth management.

Our mission

The ear of rice in the logo of Harvest Consulting is symbolic of the golden and ripe harvests created by the hard work of farmers who sow seeds in the rice field. We believe that the earlier one starts planning, the earlier it is possible for the rice of wealth to grow, providing the best protection for the future and wealth succession. This is where the corporate spirit of Harvest Consulting lies and this is where Harvest Consulting finds its core values towards wealth planning.

Our team cares about the needs and future of each and every of our clients. We fully understand the risks in our environments, so we have a sense of mission for every one of our clients. Every member of the Harvest consulting team shares the common conviction to promote the mindset for wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth succession, such that our clients can understand various financial planning tools and ways to transfer their wealth, enabling Harvest Consulting to design personalized financial plans for our clients with our professional expertise and financial planning experience accumulated for years more effectively. This will ensure that clients’ future is supported by the best protection and that they can enjoy their lives more fully and more wealthily while being able to transfer their wealth to the next generations.