With more than 15 years of practical experience and professional financial planning qualifications, our financial planners have already helped over 3,000 clients.

We are dedicated to provide the best asset planning and wealth accumulation solution. At the same time, we also take one step further to work on protecting your assets and the inheritance of your estate.

In our present age when information overflows, you can design your own financial plans, but it is our goal to consolidate available information and to formulate solutions that suit your personal circumstances, putting plans into implementation.

Our platform is underpinned by a team of consultants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, the US and Canada, including experts in law, taxation, trust, retirement planning and investment, etc. We can help you with the effective use of relevant expert services, saving you costs and time.

We will make every effort to understand your situation and needs, so as to provide you with effective wealth planning strategies or solutions that are aligned with your values.